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Updating the Test execution burndown gadget.

Perhaps a quick enhancement on this tool could be to add some logic in the calculations around the unexecuted tests remaining and have the widget display either "expected" or "actual" completion date of the testing and give a rate of execution based off of that. It would be accurate while testing and also hold after testing has finished.

- Execution Start Date

- Execution Complete Date (if unexecuted tests remaining is =0)

- Expected completion date (if unexecuted tests remaining is >0)

- Average rate of executions (over the duration of testing)

Ideally, I would like to see a comparison between different tests. Presently there does not seem to be a way to achieve this. For example, if there were three different "Cycles" (A, B, C) in a "Version" (Shopping Tools).

A - Started 1/5/2020; End 1/20/2020; Test cases 12; Test steps 56; Average rate of Execution 0.8TestsPerDay

B - Started 4/15/2020; End 4/20/2020; Test cases 32; Test steps 156; Average rate of Execution 6.4 TestsPerDay

C - Started 10/5/2020; End __; Test cases 26; Test steps 127; Average rate of Execution __TestsPerDay

It would be nice to have a tool to either look back at individual old tests or compare multiple tests (active and historic) to see if similar tests are being completed at around the same rate as previous tests. It would also be beneficial to tell the number of test steps in addition to the number of test as one test could have 3 steps and another could have 300 steps.

Additionally, the "Expected completion date calculation" does not take into account days not worked. Even though JIRA is set to exclude weekends, this JIRA component still calculates as if weekends are being worked, so one needs to be mindful of the value returned and manually adjust for any holidays or weekends.

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  • Oct 8 2020
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I would like... Ideally, I would like to see a comparison between different tests.
So that I... Can compare historical rates of progress made to current.
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  • Admin
    Cristiano Caetano commented
    21 Oct, 2020 01:33pm

    Thanks for your support of this idea. While we’re not currently working on this yet, this is definitely on our radar. In the meantime we’ll track other users votes and engagement with it. Ideas with more votes and engagement will be prioritised for future releases. At this point, we can’t share an ETA on when it’ll be delivered just yet. But we’ll keep you posted.