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Default Issue Type "Test" should be a Subtask Instead

  • Cristiano Caetano
  • Sep 9 2020
  • Reviewing
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... that the default Issue Type "Test" should be a Subtask Instead
So that I... can add test cases as subtask of a user story
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  • Guest commented
    11 Dec, 2020 02:53pm

    This would have to be a configuration option as it would break my usage.

    In Jira, subtasks can only be linked to one issue. However, a test can apply to multiple issues. A test case may be created against one Jira issue (like a Story). However, I want to be able to link it to all other issues where it's relevant, which could be other stories or bugs. This helps me keep track of the most relevant test cases for a particular change and have extreme navigability between code, stories / bugs, tests, and test executions.

  • Yann SAUTREUIL commented
    3 Dec, 2020 08:56am

    Whether test scenario(s) is (are) linked to a story via subtask or issue link with specific link type does not matter I think, so I hope that if this feature is made available it is feature toggle from zephyr admin and those who prefer the current display can keep it.

  • Carla Walker commented
    30 Nov, 2020 02:33pm

    I like this idea as this is how it is done in the VersionOne system for Test Case Management.

    VIP _____However, we still need to link the 'Fixed Version' to our TEST CYCLE in order to gather the metrics on the Zephyr side.

    How would the Zephyr Product Management Team build this feature into the JIRA and TCM workflow?

    Maybe a better solution would be to have the ability to create the TEST inside EACH DEV JIRA ticket where the TEST ticket is on a separate TAB INSIDE the DEV ticket.

    If Zephyr Product considers this enhancement, I would like the TEST EXECUTION to be ON THE SAME PAGE instead of it opening a different window as the Test Details.

  • Lisa Coombes commented
    1 Oct, 2020 01:41pm

    100% this needs to be a feature, for agile development that includes testing during the same sprint cycle, a TEST item should be classed as a subtask (but remain named as TEST) so that is can easily be transitioned through the development workflow. As a new user to Zephyr I have just spent 6 hours trying to figure out how to have TEST items as a sub-task to a Jira Item finally coming to the conclusion that it is not possible. (someone correct me if I am wrong). This need to apply to assigning a TEST item to all issue types Bugs, Enhancements, Tasks etc.