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1) Execution details Gadget– in the cloud version there is no option to select specific fields for display and hence its showing all the fields and users not getting a good view of the report in Gadget. This is present in the On Premise version

In On premise version in Execution details gadget there is option to select fields and show what is of interest to your stakeholders for reporting . In cloud version this gadget is showing all columns without any option to select and in effect the ncessary Pass/ fail execution status ones are pushed to last and to view the report one has to scroll all the way to last to see . Very poor user experience and degradation from On premise functionality. Defeating the purpose of this reporting widget .

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  • Mar 18 2022
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As a... QA Manager
I would like... to have option to select specific fields in Execution Details gadget like in Zephyr On premise version
So that I... can get a concise report with required fields as per Project requirement in the Gadget. Currently its showing all the fields running across several columns and stakeholders are not able to see the required details in a concise way. This is causing degradation in user experience from Zephyr on prem version
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