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Add the numeric custom field added to the "Search Test Case Execution" columns grid & allow the test cases sort on this column

The Order field will help to see the sequence in which the test cases are needed to be executed.

As well as, when sorted the test case execution on such numeric field followed by exporting the test cases displayed in Search Test Execution as a csv file, the test cases are displayed in the desired order which will minimize the time needed for manual effort to this rearranging and the test cases can be provided for UAT in a timely fashion.

  • Manisha Pardeshi
  • Mar 9 2021
  • Reviewing
As a... QA Manager
I would like... to be able to sort the test cases on the numeric field such as Order to indicate the test cases to be executed & exported in proper sequence
So that I... when I export the test cases in csv file, the test cases are exported in the desired Order to avoid manual effort on arranging the test case sequnce
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