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Should get an automatic "Testcase level Execution" status change pop-up when a single test step status changed to "FAIL"

  • Raksha Nataraju
  • Mar 8 2021
  • Reviewing
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... Padahsolutions.com: If any ‘Step’ fails automatically the ‘Test Execution’ level' status should be made ‘Failed’ automatically or we should get an option to automatically update the Testcase execution level status to Fail status. Currently if all ‘Steps’ are ‘Passed/ Failed/Blocked etc.. we get pop-up asking us confirm to make ‘Test Execution’ level status to 'Passed/Failed/Blocked etc..'
So that I... Can update the Testcase level execution status to Fail , once a single step level execution failed in that specific testcase.
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