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Improve search test menu option

Currently when clicking on search test from the zephyr menu, we are redirected to general issue search view prepopulated with project and type=test, and thus leave the project zephyr menu, not possible to come back easily to project...

I think either this confusing option should be removed, because it is same thing than using general issue search of JIRA, or make it really custom by remaining in zephyr context and display only test tickets in this project without ability to change project and ticket type but only refine on other criteria, because if more tickets required (project or ticket type) then user can go to standard issue search and thus leave zephyr menu which makes sense in such a case.

  • Nov 23 2020
  • Reviewing
As a... QA/Tester
I would like... To have a search test option which remains in zephyr
So that I... Can it is easier to switch to another zephyr option
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  • Admin
    Cristiano Caetano commented
    10 Dec, 2020 01:35pm

    Makes sense Yann.Thanks for the suggestion! That sounds really useful. I'll leave it with the reviewing status so other users can provide some insights and vote on this improvement.